About Us

We are glad to report that there is constant growth at the Monyetla Bursary Project. We are not only growing in the number of learners who benefit from the program, but also in establishing the brand as a well known Public Benefit Organisation to the benefit of the local community.
We have now grown to present 12 subjects to matrics from 35 different schools. The same team of master teachers as the previous 3 years are assisting matrics to clarify certain aspects of the assessment syllabus not well understood by learners. It is very encouraging that learners from as far as Botshabelo, Thaba Nchu and Brandfort attend classes faithfully every Saturday. Some of these learners get up at 4:00 am to be on time for classes at the UFS South Campus. The cold winter weather does not stop them from attending. There are now 600 matrics who attend every Saturday. Well prepared lessons and highly committed educators contribute to the success of the program. Learners also benefited from special arrangements such as Subject Advisors coming in from Education Department to prepare matrics for the mid-year examinations. Learners are also motivated to work hard for the incentive of prize money after the June examinations: The TOP 20 performers in the June examinations eached received R1000 to reward them for their hard work. The prize giving ceremony will be on 8 August and will be covered in the press.
This year also saw the introduction of our leadership academy. You can view video clips from these presentations on YouTube. In May, we had a very successful and enjoyable team building activity. This helped the Matrics to relax before the examinations. Members from ABASA enjoyed the day with us. Another new feature is our Facebook page. We use this medium to communicate with schools and learners. Please visit the page ‘monyetlabursaryproject’ to see how many learners like it. You may also google our project for articles written about this program.
This year also saw closer cooperation between us and UFS special education projects such as the School Partnership Program. Their input has been very valuable. They have identified 300 matrics from township schools in Bloemfontein, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu to attend classes at MONYETLA. These 300 matrics are very regular in attendance and express appreciation for our intervention program. We are excited about these learners since they are all “Bachelors” candidates.
We continue with our focus on promoting the field of Accounting as well as marketing the UFS: A member of ABASA, shared information with our best students on THUTHUKA BURSARY FUND. Many applications were screened and sent off to the office in Johannesburg. EY promoted the field of study in February. Former students who are now studying with TBF, motivated our current learners to seriously consider studying B. ACC. On 15 August, a meeting was conducted with the TOP 40 learners and their parents. Accounting Firms were invited to meet parents to highlight the benefits of working in this particular field. Our TOP 15 students will soon be doing Job shadowing at EY. The AG sponsors the prize money.
This year, a record 850 matrics attended our winter classes. It is noteworthy that we helped 400 learners to attend the Winter School without cost. Transport was provided for free by INTERSTATE BUS LINES and each learner received a 40-page book in each of the 5 subjects they do at MONYETLA. These notes contain summaries and typical exam questions and memo’s. The project also sponsored R16 000 for learners from rural communities to attend the Winter School. Education Department is partnered with us to provide buses for transport to UFS South Campus. Food was also provided for the learners from rural area’s.
Thank you to the following institutions and Firms: 
  • The office of the Auditor General for their contribution to the prize money for the learners. 
  • PWC for their contribution for printing costs at the Winter School. 
  • Mrs Modiehe Mafojane, CES for Curriculum – Motheo district for her support. 
  • INTERSTATE BUS LINES for their support in transporting 300 learners every Saturday and during the Winter School from Thaba Nchu, Botshabelo and Brandfort.
  • THE CENTRE FOR ACCOUNTING, UFS for their support in assisting with photo copies for the Matrics. 
  • SAICA CENTRAL REGIONAL OFFICE for their interest and support of the program.
  • RAUBEX CONSTRUCTION for their sponsorship. 
  • The SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM on the UFS South Campus, in particular the head of the campus, Dr Peet Venter. 

  • Since the 300 identified matrics from Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu joined us after the TBF forms were filled out, we are requesting to send in late applications.
  • Last year we managed to replace SAICA’s contribution with a sponsorship from Bloemwater . Due to budget constraints this year, they were also unable to assist in 2015. We would welcome financial support to help cover the cost of all the students who are attending and are exempted from school fees due to their parents’ financial position.